EPA Grant Funding!!

grant funding

We are excited to announce that after much hard work and research on Mike’s part, Deitch Buses, Inc. has been selected to receive a government grant from the EPA to replace older buses in our fleet with cleaner running new buses.
While new buses must meet EPA’s tougher emission standards, many older school buses continue to emit harmful diesel exhaust. EPA’s Clean School Bus is a national program designed to help communities reduce emissions from older diesel school buses. School districts, fleet owners and operators, bus drivers, parents and students all have a role in helping to reduce diesel emissions from school buses.

EPA offers funding, as appropriated annually by Congress, for projects that reduce emissions from existing diesel engines.  EPA also provides information on strategies for reducing emissions from older school buses. One of the easiest ways to reduce school bus emissions and save money is to reduce idling. Another effective method is to replace the oldest school buses in the fleet.

What does that mean for us?

Over the next couple of months, we will be taking delivery of 4 new buses. We are replacing buses that are on the substitute list right now. We know your hearts will be broken with the retirement of bus 71.

The buses that qualified for the grant must be destroyed, frames cut in half, holes punched in the sides and taken to the junk yard. The new buses must be purchased and all of this must be documented to receive the funding.

Hopefully the new buses will be available for substitute and trip buses throughout the end of this school year for everyone to enjoy, before placing them on permanent routes.

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